Digium Releases Switchvox Rescue; Cloud Hosted UC for Business Continuity

Image Attribution: Flickr

Business continuity is always a hot topic among corporate brass. How do organizations solve the problem of continuing business during an event such as a power outage? Digium has released its take on how to solve the business continuity conundrum by releasing a cloud version of its popular Switchvox Unified Communications platform called Switchvox Rescue.

Switchvox is Digium’s premier UC offering and organizations pick Switchvox because of its easy to use platform and simplified licensing model. Switchvox Rescue acts as a mirror to your onsite Switchvox appliance configuration, allowing your organization to shift over to the cloud hosted infrastructure to resume business should your primary infrastructure fail.

Switchvox Product Manager Adam Kramer mentions, “Digium’s Switchvox platform is unique in that the same core software is shared between the on-site and hosted versions. By adding our SIP Trunking services to the equation, we can offer a temporary, cloud-based recovery option in a way that is both reliable and effortless for our customers.”

The announcement of Switchvox Rescue coincides with Digium’s release of the 5.11 version of the Switchvox service. Current Switchvox customers can sign up for the Switchvox Rescue service thought Digium Cloud Services. An article at NetworkWorld says that the service typically costs $90 per month but Digium is running a special that gives new customers a 50% discount as an introductory rate.

Research conducted by Infonetics concluded that there will be “Continued strong worldwide growth for the cloud PBX and UC market over the next 5 years.” The report goes on to say that “It will reach $12 billion in 2018 with 62.6 million seats in service.” Digium looks to capture part of this market by offering innovative VoIP solutions with cloud integration. With Digium’s Switchvox Rescue solution, phones can be rerouted to mobile devices, calls can be sent to voicemail and other types of standardized configurations can automatically take place should your business ever fail over while using the Switchvox Rescue service.