How to Get the Most Free Backup Space from Dropbox

Cloud storage has become the number one choice for many individuals and companies who want to store and share their important data, without using their hard disk space. Cloud storage services can also be used to secure important files, or for storing backup and recovery files. Of course, not all cloud storage services are free. Dropbox is one of the most popular, but you can get only 2 GB of storage space if you use the free package.
Cloud services are not easy to provide, so we can’t blame the companies who charge us for them. Dropbox is still quite affordable, if you compare it to other cloud services. It is reliable too, and we have yet to see a major fault in their service.
In this article, we will talk about Dropbox and what you can do to get more than 2 GB of free storage space. You must remember before reading further that getting this free storage space may take a lot of time. If you want the extra space instantly, you may need to think about purchasing it. You can also use other cloud services with Dropbox to get the extra storage, but then your data will be scattered across many clouds. It is best that you have a single cloud service for sharing your data and storing backup files.
How to Increase your Free Storage Space                                                                                               
1.       Referral Links
You will actually be advertising for Dropbox, so you deserve a reward don’t you think? If you refer Dropbox to your friends, you will get an extra 500 MB of storage space. You can continue refereeing until you get to 16 GB. This is a slow process and you can only get the free storage space if your friend clicks on your referral link.
2.       Camera Upload
You will need to enable the ‘Camera Upload Feature’ for all devices that support it. You should get 3 GB of free storage space right after you enable it. It is fast, but you will need a device that can upload to Dropbox. The photos that you will take will be uploaded automatically. The feature itself is actually quite cool.
3.       Connect your Social Media Profiles
Connect your facebook and twitter accounts to get 125 MB of free space for each connection. This is fast, easy and very effective. Connecting your social media accounts with Dropbox is pretty advantageous, as you will get more than just free space. All of your important social media data will be stored automatically on Dropbox.
4.       Getting Started Tour
Take the ‘Getting Started’ tour to instantly get 250 MB of free space.
5.       Become a Beta Tester
As stated previously, you will get a reward for doing Dropbox a favor. Beta testing is one of the most important parts of software engineering. If you sign up or take part in a beta program, you will get free storage space as a reward. Dropbox gave its beta testers a onetime gift of 5 GB.