How to Backup Files on a Mac

For any operating system user, securing important files by using different file backup methods is recommended. Most people overlook this, and that can mean a lot of trouble. Although the Mac OS is quite stable, no operating system in the world is entirely fail proof. Losing your files due to an operating system failure can result in a huge loss, especially if your company’s sensitive data was on the machine. Even a home user may have important pictures, videos or game files that may carry his/her memories. No one wants to lose such precious data.

With modern technology, you can back up your files using a variety of different methods. Most modern operating systems can restore your files only if certain conditions are met. Most of the time, you will be able to restore your files and recover lost data. But you will not be able to recover your files if your machine was corrupted by a virus.
Harmful softwares, such as malwares and spywares, can ruin most of the functions of your operating system. Most viruses target your important files and corrupt them. Because the files become useless, your softwares may fail and start losing data automatically. Some viruses are so powerful that they damage operating system files and then, the user is forced to reinstall the operating system.
Backup files with cloud storage                                                                                          
You can use a cloud service to easily store your files. Apple provides iCloud which can automatically store your most important system files. Other cloud services work in a similar manner, but you may need to manually store your data on them.
Cloud services, such as Dropbox, can also let you access your files from different machines. This is very useful if you are travelling or use more than one computer. Some cloud services are not free and may require you to purchase space. You can share your files through a cloud as well while backing them up.
Mac OS Time Machine
All Mac OS come with Time Machine. It is a utility that lets you place your important files on a different hard drive or storage media. You can restore your entire Mac OS using Time Machine.
Mac OS disk utility
You can use disk utilities to create disk images of your important files. You can store your data on different hard drives as disk images or use portable storage media. Disk images are quite easy to make using disk utilities and you can use your Mac’s very own built in disk utility. For other disk utilities, you may need to make disk images manually.
Backing up files manually
You can store your files on portable hard drives or burn your important data onto DVDs. You may need softwares that can help you achieve this easily. Good portable hard drives do not fail easily but are prone to virus infections.
Why we think you should always back up your files?
We think it is necessary for security. Your Mac OS can fail, and you should always keep your files secure. Backing up files on Mac OS is easy, so you should take full advantage of it.