How to Install Dropbox

If you’ve heard of just 1 online backup service in the world, it’s likely to be Dropbox. Primarily known for its free file sharing desktop application, Dropbox also offers versions of its software for heavy users and businesses, and is also available across all devices. You can use Dropbox to:
–          Access your files from multiple devices.
–          Share important files between members of your company.
–          Set up a work environment or an online office.
–          Build and organize work in the company.
Dropbox is very popular these days and there are two reasons why this is so. The first reason is the basic free version of the application lets users store 2 GB of data. The pricing is quite reasonable as well. You can start by paying $9.99/month and receive 100 GB storage capacity. Their business package offers admin tools and centralized billing with 1 TB storage capacity.
The second reason is; it is very simple to use. The problem with other cloud based services is that they are sometimes very complicated to use for someone who does not know much about cloud storage. Maintaining the application with your files is quite a straight forward process and does not require any technical knowledge. If you wish to learn more about the packages and features they, check out our full review.
Simple web based Dropbox
If you do not want to install Dropbox on your computer, you can use their browser based application. You will just need to sign up for it and the process is quite easy. Once you go to, there will be a sign up button on the main page. Just follow the instructions and complete the sign up process.
Once this is done, you will be taken to the Dropbox web interface. You will always need to use your email ID with the password that you created for Dropbox to log in. Here, the interface will be quite easy to understand. You can create a new Dropbox folder using the ‘New Folder’ button on the tab section under the ‘Get Free Space’ button. You will then need to name your folder and go into it. Use the ‘Upload’ button to upload files to that folder.
Use the ‘Share Folder’ button to share the entire content of your folders. You can even import contacts or select them directly using their email ID.
Dropbox on Desktop
The desktop application is quite simple and you can download it from You will need to sign up for Dropbox and use your account details to log in using the desktop client. Once you have downloaded the application, you will need to run the executable file and follow the instructions that you are given.
Once you have successfully installed Dropbox on your PC, a Dropbox icon will appear on your desktop. This will be your Dropbox folder. You can copy or cut and paste them into this folder. The files will automatically be uploaded and will be available to all your devices. You can share your folders through this desktop app as well.
The desktop app also supports dragging and dropping, which makes uploading even easier. If you plan on using Dropbox regularly, then you should use the desktop client. The browser based version is recommended for those who do not require regular usage of Dropbox.