How to Recover Lost Files from a PC

Recovering files can be very important for people who have lost most of their important data. People who experiment a lot with their PC may lose data, especially programmers who mess around with computer hardware. Hard drives can fail as well, or may get infected by a virus that can corrupt data. During the file recovery process, your Operating system or your recovery software will try to restore the files or restore the entire operating system to an older state.

Let us first start by analyzing Windows PC. We will talk about different methods through which you can restore your deleted files.
Windows PC file recovery 
You can start by checking your recycle bin for the files that you think disappeared. You may have deleted them by accident and by doing so, may have sent them to the recycle bin. You only need to select your files from the recycle bin, right click on them and hit restore. They should be back in the original folder. Huge files get permanently deleted and will not be placed in the recycle bin.
Make sure not to save anything to your disk if you have accidently deleted something, as the data in your disk is overwritten whenever you save something else. You will need to download recovery software on another computer which is on the same network or on a different disk partition. Do not access the same drive. If possible, you should download a portable version of your data recovery software so you can run it from a USB drive or portable hard drive.
Almost all data recovery software work the same way. You will have to provide a file name and where you want the software to scan for it. Some software will let you search for specific file formats which will increase your chances of finding the lost file.
Mac OS X files recovery
You should first take a look inside your trash folder to make sure you have not accidently deleted the file. You can recover your file using recovery software built for the Mac OS X if you do not find it in trash. Remember not to save anything to your disk before starting file recovery. We recommend that you use a recovery drive to scan for your lost files.
Some of the more advanced Mac OS recovery software’s come with an image file. You can boot from this image and recover your software while bypassing the Mac OS X. These software’s are very effective.
What we recommend
We believe in using the latest technology and we think that most people should use cloud storage services to secure important files. There are many cloud storage services in the world today, most of them are free and can save your most important files.
Apple offers iCloud for all iOS and Mac users. This cloud service will save your most important files automatically. Windows users may need to save their data manually using different cloud services, like Dropbox. Not all services are free, and you will need to purchase space. You can use disk image utilities and make recovery images of your entire OS. Save these images on a cloud to keep them secure.