How to Setup a Google Drive Account

Google drive is an easy to use cloud storage service owned by Google. The idea is to let users store their data on the internet, so they can access it whenever they want. Drive also makes it easy to share data with all members of your company. It is also useful in sharing documents and pictures among friends.
It supports spreadsheets as well, and you can share your data with multiple accounts through a simple procedure. You can link only one primary account and you can log into Google drive with it to access your data and make changes to it.
Installing Google Drive
–          Google Chrome recommended
It is highly recommended that you use Google Chrome to create your account and use it to use Google Drive, as it has many additional features which may come in handy later on.
–          System requirements
You must have Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed on your PC to use Google Drive. For Macs, you need Lion(10.7) or Snow Leopard(10.6). Linux is currently not supported.
Mobile users must have at least Android 2.1 or iOS 5. You can install FireFox, Chrome or Internet Explorer to use it as all of them are supported. Google Chrome is highly recommended, as some features like Google Docs and spreadsheets might not work with other browsers.
–          Google account
Go to and set up a Google account using the Sign in button. Click on Create an account button and follow the instructions. If you already have a Google account, you can skip this. Remember, your Google account can be used to access all of Google’s web services.
–          Installing the app
Use your Google account at There should be a Download Google Drive button on the main page, which is actually a PC client. If you click it, your browser will download the “googledrivesync.exe” file. Once it is done, you must execute it.
Again, you will have to use your Google account details after execution. This step will link your account to your Google Drive. You will then need to follow all installation instructions and perform other steps, like providing destination folders and selecting software packages, to completely install it.
After the installation, you can access the app from your desktop or Start menu. Simply drag and drop your files into the app to upload them to your Drive. This is how simple it is!!!
Additional information
–          You can use your Chrome Browser to access your files even when you are offline. You will need to download Google Drive Web App that is available at their marketplace. Install this application on Chrome.
–          Google Drive Settings will let you change time zones and select whether you would like Google Drive to bold any updates. You will also be able to change language using the settings option.
–          The Chrome web store contains ‘Save to Google Drive Chrome extension’. The extension allows you to click and save images, audio files, PDFs and videos directly to your Google Drive from webpages. The content needs to be in HTML5 Format.