Infosys Acquires Panaya for Cloud ERP & Automation

Image Attribution: Flickr

Infosys has reportedly spent $200M in a deal to acquire Panaya. Infosys, which is based in India, has made its mark on the IT industry by providing consulting, software engineering and outsourcing services. The purchase of Panaya will help Infosys expand its global portfolio by being able to offer cloud-based ERP.  With its acquisition of the Menlo Park, California based Panaya, Infosys will be able to provide organizations with Big Data analytics as well as suite of tools that will automate processes within the enterprise.
As a result of the acquisition, Infosys plans to implement automation components from Panaya’s CloudQuality suite to enhance its existing product line ups. CloudQuality gives organizations the ability to run diagnostics against enterprise applications such as SalesForce, Oracle and others. Panaya claims that CloudQuality gives significant insight into cloud enterprise apps. Panaya also says that the suite will tell you “What will break, how to fix it, and what to test – before making any changes.”
CEO Vishal Sikka commented on the acquisition in a prepared statement saying, “The acquisition of Panaya is a key step in renewing and differentiating our service lines. This will help amplify the potential of our people, freeing us from the drudgery of many repetitive tasks, so we may focus more on the important, strategic challenges faced by our clients. At the same time, Panaya’s proven technology helps dramatically simplify the costs and complexities faced by businesses in managing their enterprise application landscapes.”
Infosys breaks into the enterprise cloud app testing market at the right time. Many organizations, large and small, are now just beginning to discover what the cloud can offer their businesses. Application testing and deployments continue to be a pain point for many organizations as enterprise IT is pressed for rapid and agile solutions. On Panaya’s website, they claim that CloudQuality suite can reduce enterprise application testing and deployment times by up to 50%.