Oracle Cloud Adapter Released for

Being able to integrate your existing cloud apps into the Oracle infrastructure was being heralded as a key up and coming feature. The wait is over and Oracle’s next biggest organizational goal has been achieved with the release of the Oracle Cloud Adapter. What is the Oracle Cloud Adapter? The Oracle Cloud Adapter connects Oracle infrastructure that is sitting onsite to the infrastructure. This cloud adapter is helpful for those who use Oracle features but lacked the resources on how to write out code for this functionality.

Oracle is building upon their hundreds of standard-based integration adapters. In a statement released by Oracle, they said, “Oracle Fusion Middleware has significantly simplified integrations with these Cloud Applications by providing a standard based platform for integration that not only enables connectivity, but also lays a strong foundation to address aspects of audits, compliance, security and governance.”
The Oracle Adapters are listed under the umbrellas of the SOA Suite by Oracle. Experts suggest that these adapters along with the SOA suite represent one of the best integration suites available on the market today. The adapter will improve security, connectivity and session management for the users.  Oracle noted that “It also safeguards the user from the need for in depth expertise on the complex functional and technical knowledge of the applications.”
It seems that Oracle has a new release in regards to its cloud offerings almost every day. Oracle is moving rapidly in order to earn cloud market share. Oracle has dropped billions on acquisitions in order to become the most versatile cloud SaaS, PaaS and IaaS provider for large corporations around the world.  The release of the Oracle Cloud Adapter is just another way for Oracle to say that they are “all in” when it comes to the cloud. This adapter significantly reduces the number of steps involved when compared to the manual method of doing the same process within