Platform9 Makes Private Cloud Easy with OpenStack and VMware Integration

Image Attribution: Flickr

Platform9 describes itself as a company that makes building and operating a private cloud easy. Platform9 has just released its new Managed OpenStack for VMware vSphere, which allows organizations to transform their existing VMware environment into an OpenStack environment. With OpenStack running in its own private cloud inside of your on premises hypervisor, businesses will be able to better utilize their resources while providing on-demand compute and storage services to end users.
In addition to the new release of the OpenStack VMware ecosystem, Platform9 has also announced that it has received $10M in funding from Menlo and Redpoint Ventures. Given the fact that VMware vSphere is currently being operated on over 6 million physical servers in the world, Platform9’s Managed OpenStack for VMware vSphere becomes a natural fit for organizations wanting to migrate into private cloud.
“Customers no longer need to choose between the world’s leading private cloud platform and the world’s leading virtualization platform,” says Sirish Raghuram, co-founder and CEO of Platform9.
“Platform9 Managed OpenStack is 100% interoperable with VMware vSphere, allowing customers to integrate OpenStack and vSphere seamlessly. Developers can have self-service provisioning using OpenStack while at the same time, IT Operations manages the underlying infrastructure using vSphere,” adds Raghuram.
Platform9’s managed approach helps organizations feel confident about their migration into private cloud. With Platform9, businesses will be able to enable self-service automations, have a single pane of glass for all of your virtualization platforms while orchestrating services behind the scenes.
Since Platform9 is managed, your organization can enact Service Level Agreements which are upheld by Platform9. When you sign up for Platform9, organizations can elect to offload the monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrading of the OpenStack system to Platform9’s staff of OpenStack and VMware experts. This allows organizations to focus more on innovating within OpenStack, rather than focusing on how to set it up and run the system efficiently. Platform9 says that its services start out at $999 per year.