How to Share Files Between Computers

File sharing is an important part of any organization. Files may contain important information that the employees or members may require. Over the years, many organization have demanded a system which will help them share files easily. Fortunately, now we can share files between computers through many different methods. Most operating systems contain a file sharing system which allows you to share your entire computer with another computer. Some softwares allow you to use the processing power of another computer as well. Of course, the file sharing technology is advancing continuously and we may see new methods and techniques in the near future.

In the past, the only way to share files easily was through optical disks and floppy disks. This form of sharing was good, but it was pretty time consuming and required space to store the extensive amount of disks. Since this was a common problem, both hardware and software evolved and brought some very easy to use file sharing methods. Share files through flash drives Flash drives or USB disks can be carried easily. The storage range of these disks start at 16 GB of data and can reach up to 128 GB of data. A computer only needs a USB port with the correct driver to access the contents of the disk. It is a fast method and very useful if you want to carry huge amounts of data from one computer to another. USB drives work great for portable software that do not need to be installed. Setting up a local area network Local area networks can be set up through most modern operating systems. You can create a local area network within minutes and start sharing files easily. On windows, you can share files by simply placing the files for sharing. You can even create a separate ‘shared files’ folder in your local area network on all operating systems to keep yourself organized. Any computer that is on your local area network will be able to access the files that you placed for sharing. Using cloud storage Cloud storage is and will be one of the best methods for sharing files for a long time. First of all, whatever you store on the cloud will take space on the cloud. So that frees your hard disk space. From your cloud service, you can authorize other computers or accounts to access your files. That will set up a file sharing system. You can do this for your entire organization. Each of your employees must have an account given by the cloud provider. They can then access whatever you place on the cloud. Our suggestions We strongly suggest the use of cloud storage services for file sharing. Most cloud service providers offer free space. You can even buy more if you find it necessary. Even for the average PC user, cloud storage can be extremely useful. You can share your pictures and files with your friends and family in a matter of seconds. USB drives works great if you plan on carrying setup files or songs or portable software. You can use USB drives over and over again, and as technology advances we may see drives that can store 100 GB of data.