The PepBlast App Lets You Make Videos In the Cloud

PepBlast Motion Pictures has just released a new app on iOS that allows users to easily create videos and store them in the cloud. Using the media already present on your phone, PepBlast enables people to commemorate a special occasion without having to learn about film editing. By swiping and tapping, you can create a slideshow, a motion picture or even a full blown presentation using PepBlast in minutes.
NASA inspires PepBlast’s New App
Bruno Kajiyama is the CEO is Photozig, the company behind PepBlast. In a press release, Kajiyama says, “Our inspiration for PepBlast came from celebrations of our space heritage at NASA Ames Research Center.”
Kajiyama continued by saying, “For example, when photographing the Yuri’s Night Bay Area event, we experienced a crowd of thousands of people looking at our space adventure, human spirit and exploration. It was an insane mix of technology, music and art. I thought about how to translate that enthusiasm and blast captured by still images into pictures in motion with art and music. PepBlast was born from that dream.”
Since PepBlast is a Software as a Service app, end users can begin sharing the videos that they’ve made with their friends through social media. PepBlast is a free app however their website mentions that there is a paid Pro plan available.
When you use the PepBlast app, you’ll be able to select from thousands of templates. PepBlast calls templates “Styles” within the app. These templates come with special artwork, font styles and music to help you commemorate a special occasion. The app works by empowering users to take the photos stored on their phone or in the cloud.
PepBlast then takes that media and allows you to input it within templates. Once you’re done, you’ll get a link back to your video that can be shared with your family and friends. PepBlast also has its own social networking features so you can share your videos directly with other PepBlast members. This feature is neat because you will be able to get inspiration for your movies by viewing the creativity of the PepBlast user base.