How to be a Tidier Cloud Housekeeper

Several cloud storage providers offer limited storage space in the hopes people will run out of room and upgrade to a costlier plan. Many users do not realize how much valuable cloud storage space they waste with carless habits.  Just like your house needs a thorough spring clean, so does your cloud and following these simple steps and altering just a couple of your storage habits could make a vast improvement to maximizing your storage space.


Backup only your essential files. Unless you are going to subscribe to an unlimited package, there is no room to keep files you know you will not need if your computer gets damaged or stole. The half written sonnets to your 8th grade crush do not count as essential.


Consolidate your files into appropriate folders. Oftentimes we have multiple versions of the same file without realizing, so by consolidating them into their proper folders you can see this and delete any duplicates.


Now you have established what you need delete all files you don’t need. Your paint doodles may be almost good enough to admit to doing but they are eating valuable space.


Do the above steps as often as you need, we would recommend every 3-6 months depending on how often you store files.

By following these four steps you will notice your storage space going a great deal further. You will also notice how much easier it is to navigate through your file bank and find files that much faster. Additionally, once you are in the habit of keeping your cloud tidy you won’t even have to think about these steps again.