Upcoming Cloud Computing Events – March 2014

Collaborating with experts is the best way to boost your cloud computing skillset. Technical professionals can certainly benefit from attending a cloud event. There are many different subsets of cloud events available. Subsets range from cloud security, cloud development, Big Data, cloud infrastructure and more. As a cloud enthusiast, attending events and marketing yourself as someone who is eager to learn about the cloud can only help advance your career. You might be wondering, what are some of the top cloud events happening all across the world in March 2014?


Oracle CloudWorld will begin on March 4th 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. This event will focus on the regional development of the Oracle cloud infrastructure in Australia’s emerging cloud computing market.


5th Annual European Internet of Things Summit will be held from March 3rd through the 4th in Brussels, Belgium. Keynote speakers include Joseph Bradley from Cisco, Anne-Lise Thibelemont from Qualcomm and Attila Narin from Amazon Web Services. This conference will discuss the topic of Internet of Things inside the European Union.

North America

Cloud Connect Summit will commence from March 31st going through April 4th. The press release from the event says “Cloud Connect Summit zeros in on the most pressing cloud technology, policy and organizational decisions & debates for the cloud-enabled enterprise.” The Cloud Connect Summit 2014 will be held in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

On The Web

Sometimes it is difficult to fit an entire cloud conference into your busy schedule. That’s why we’ve included the CloudStack 4.2 Online Bootcamp Training Course that will be held over the web from March 17th to March 21st. The event will be broadcast over the web and you may have to register in order to attend. This will show any IT professional how to setup, operate and maintain a Cloud Stack environment.