Lifesize Debuts Icon 400 & Flex for Cloud Video Conferencing

Lifesize is a budding video communications company that helps end users start their conferences in the cloud quickly and easily. With the introduction of the Icon 400 product, organizations can get superb video quality at a fraction of the price they would typically pay.
The Lifesize Icon 400 isn’t your normal everyday webcam. This enterprise grade cam is built for organizations that require quality, reliability and accessibility when conferencing. The Lifesize Icon 400 was built to be installed without the help of a technical professional. Lifesize claims that an end user can begin using the camera with the following four steps:

  • Provide a power source
  • Connect a video source (such as an HDMI TV)
  • Connect a network connection
  • Login to your Lifesize Cloud account

Lifesize Cloud can then allow users to setup virtual meetings, set appointments, participate on group calls and more. Video feeds from your Lifesize Cloud conference can be viewed on any device including mobile devices and desktop computers. Lifesize Cloud can bridge together multiple calls. The Icon 400 automatically updates its own platform when an update is released. The MSRP of the Lifesize Icon 400 is $2,499 while the Lifesize service costs $25 per month per user.
LifeSize Flex
Sometimes a high end camera such as the Icon 400 isn’t needed. LifeSize has introduced Flex which is a plug and play USB device that helps individuals beam directly into a Lifesize Cloud conference without any complicated setups. In fact, Flex will work with many of the popular video conferencing suites available such as Lync, WebEx or GoToMeeting. Once the Lifesize Flex USB device is connected, the end user could add and hook up a headset to the USB device in order to get a better audio experience.
The Lifesize Icon 400 is currently on sale while the Lifesize Flex USB device is scheduled to hit the market in March. Lifesize is owned by Logitech, which acquired the company back in 2009.