1&1 Launches New Cloud Hosting Options for USA

1&1 has been a staple of the web hosting industry for well over a decade; can the company re-invent themselves in the cloud? 1&1 has just announced a new lineup of cloud options for USA customers.
1&1 has praised its cloud server solution as being fast and easy to use. By offering up a new lineup of cloud servers, 1&1 looks to make headway with technology professionals, service integrators and website designers.
With the new cloud server lineup at 1&1, customers can spin up a new cloud server in under 60 seconds. Since all of 1&1’s cloud servers utilize SSD storage, the server itself is guaranteed to be speedy and responsive. By having real time control of the hardware and software needed to guide a successful cloud deployment, 1&1 gives systems administrators the power to build out a perfectly tailored cloud for an enterprise of any size.
Within 1&1’s cloud, customers can expect to receive access to cloud servers, storage systems, firewalls and backup options. 1&1 says that most configuration changes can be accomplished with a single click, making administration a breeze. Further building upon this one click philosophy, 1&1 says that WordPress, Drupal and other popular content management systems can also be deployed in a single click fashion.
“Many small- and medium-sized businesses consider Cloud solutions but, until now, a Cloud service was not available that met their expectations for security, flexibility and usability,” says Robert Hoffman, CEO of 1&1.
“Addressing the needs of SMBs, 1 &1’s Cloud Server is an easy and simple Cloud solution with outstanding performance. Besides our extensive feature set, we also deliver a very affordable entry price,” Hoffman continued.
1&1 offers 4 different tiers of cloud servers that range from medium to extra-extra large (XXL). As the plans get larger, more storage, CPU and RAM resources are allocated for that customer. 1&1 has a complete rundown of their newest cloud hosting plans on their website.