15 Signs It's Time to Switch Cloud Storage Providers

Almost everyone nowadays is using some sort of online backup or cloud storage solution. So how do you know when the service you are receiving just isn’t up to scratch and it’s time to switch? Here are 15 of the top signs that it’s time:

1) If you are using Google Drive.

2) If your files become lost or damaged. Substandard service is unacceptable and lost, or damaged files should not be tolerated.

3) The complicated user interface confuses you more than you can get use from it.

4) Calling tech support is equivalent to talking to a stone. Many providers now offer phone or live chat options. If you do not feel your provider is dealing with your issues, you are entitled to find another who will.

5) Your storage package is getting more expensive by the month. Some providers think that once you have all of your data on their cloud, they own you. This is not true.

6) The automatic backup is storing cookies and useless files leaving no room for your actual documents.

7) Your cloud provider is discontinuing their service.

8) They don’t offer online editing. This feature is essential as it saves storage space on your computer.

9) Your file synching feature crashes your computer. Unfortunately, this is not as rare as we would hope. However, first check it is not your computer that is causing the issues.

10) If you are using Google Drive (yes we know we said this before but we really do mean it!)

11) It uses up all of your bandwidth. Many providers now offer bandwidth throttling tools or options to schedule synching to ensure minimal inconvenience to you.

12) There are no mobile apps. With most providers offering this as standard, you should not have to find a computer to access your files.

13) No cross device synchronization. It is highly unproductive when your files are not synchronizing across devices and you have different versions on each device

14) They don’t offer file deduplication.  This means you are wasting important space with identical files.

15) Your provider isn’t environmentally friendly. Many providers aren’t doing their due diligence when it comes to battling the damage caused by their datacenters. Ask your provider what they are doing about this.

Now you have decided to make the switch; don’t be afraid of being locked in by your provider. Some providers offer migration options from other clouds. For those that don’t, there are services on offer such as those by Mover and Backup Box that will transfer any or all of the files you want to switch.