Alcatel-Lucent Seeks Out Israeli Cloud Innovation

Bell Labs is infamous for developing some of the most significant advances in technology over the last 50 years. Alcatel-Lucent, the company that operates Bell Labs, has decided to open a branch office in Israel in efforts to support the development of its CloudBand platform.

What is CloudBand?

CloudBand is a tool for cloud service providers that will help make management simpler and more efficient. CloudBand works as a distribution mediator that helps the cloud system function in a more efficient manner. CloudBand can be configured to automate administration of public clouds. For example, determining factors are predefined that dictate how your cloud should behave. You can setup policies, load thresholds or setup custom settings based on the user’s location.

If you browse the CloudBand website, you’ll notice that there is a strong emphasis on NFV. Network Functions Virtualization was created by Bell Labs as a method to use software to define your network. This approach reduces power consumption and simplifies setup. Depending on what you are vending in the public or private cloud, such as VoIP or telecom services, NFV becomes an attractive option for your enterprise.

Bell Labs extension into Israel comes as no surprise as Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes recently spoke a technology conference located in Tel Aviv. CloudBand General Manager Dor Skuler mentions that CloudBand’s technology has roots in Israel therefore the Bells Labs branch became a natural fit because of the cloud friendly culture in this area. Skuler mentions, “We have a melting pot of talent here.” Skuler mentions that he started with one person in 2011 and that the CloudBand unit now has 100 engineers and administrators now working on the project. Skuler goes on to say, “CloudBand is a place where networks, infrastructure, cloud, and information technology collide. It’s not easy to find engineers who are familiar with these things, but they are available in Israel because of the startup and tech ecosystem we have here.”