Amazon Launches New Certification & Workspaces in Europe

Up until now, the popular Amazon Workspaces cloud desktop offering was only available in the United States. According to a blog post, Workspaces is now being offered in AWS’s EU Region. The datacenter that will host Amazon Workspaces in Europe will be located in Ireland. Amazon Workspaces gives users the ability to run desktop applications using a Windows 7 desktop. Workspaces give organizations the flexibility to control a user’s desktop experiences using traditional windows functionality such as group policy.

Amazon’s VDI services start out at $35 per month and the VDI sessions can be accessed from almost any device. This allows for people who may need a desktop interface while working in the field to remotely hit a cloud desktop in the AWS datacenter of their choosing. This gives users a consistent experience while using their productivity applications.

Amazon also released a new certification for the AWS cloud platform.  In 2013, Amazon introduced an associate-level certification for AWS. In efforts to reward those who have built upon their knowledge of the cloud platform, Amazon has released a professional-level certification for AWS. The key focuses of the new AWS professional-level certification are security, scalability, high availability and data storage.

As AWS continues to grow, certification paths related to the technology will also be on the uptick. AWS is by far the largest public cloud offering and their easy to use interface is what sets itself apart from other services online. Amazon also believes that as more people seek out the Amazon cloud certification paths, those same IT professionals will exclusively work with Amazon going forward. The associate-level exams will cost prospective students $150. The newest tier, the professional-level exams will cost test takers $300. These shiny new industry certifications are a sure fire way to set your resume apart from others in the cloud job market.