Arista Network’s IPO Looks For $200M+

Arista Networks is known for providing cloud optimization gear, software defined networking and networking switches for public and private datacenters. Arista has been privately since its inception over 10 years ago. Arista will offer 5.25 million shares between the asking prices of $36 and $40 in an IPO.

Arista’s main competitor is networking giant Cisco. This capital influx will help Arista go head to head against the Cisco and Junipers of the world. At this market valuation, Arista is charted to be worth over $2.5 billion conservatively.

According to sources, Arista made plans to go public earlier in the year but the company decided to wait it out until after the Memorial Day holiday to make the announcement. Arista will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ANET. Shares are expected to go on sale next week. reports that Morgan Stanley, Citi, BofA Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and RBC Capital Markets are assisting with the IPO.

Arista is best known for making network gear that optimizes cloud services. When you think of websites such as eBay and Facebook, you probably wonder how they keep their cloud services running so smoothly. Arista Networks is the backbone of these types of cloud based websites and services. Arista’s client base is derived from government, brokerage houses that engage in high frequency trading and large technology based companies. Arista also contributes to the cloud community in the form of fireside chats, appearances at technology conferences and a plethora of white-paper material posted on its website for your inspection.

Arista was founded in 2004 in Santa Clara, California. At the end of Q1 2014, Arista was on pace for $417 million in sales revenue. Arista attributes its success in cloud networking to five factors that are listed on its website. These factors are scalability, low latency, open APIs, programmable management and self-healing resiliency.