Backupify Grows 250% in 1st Quarter

Since more data is being stored in the cloud, the need for a robust solution to back up your cloud-to-cloud assets becomes a priority. Backupify is a vendor who has decided to fulfill this need by giving administrators the tools to properly back up their data between clouds as well as providing a disaster recovery solution. Backupify is pacing towards staggering growth this year. The cloud back up company has posted an astounding 250% in growth in just the 1st quarter of 2014.

Backupify currently has 700,000 user including 8,000 small to medium sized enterprises. In quarter 1, Backupify began taking on higher profile clients such as the Tampa Bay Lightning and Vassar College. In the first quarter alone, Backupify reports that it recovered nearly 10 million records for clients.

CEO Rob May was recently quoted in a PR release. He mentions, “The growth we have seen this year is evidence that the market is at an inflection point.” May quotes market research as being a key driver for his company’s success. May went on to say, “Analyst firms such as Forrester Research have validated the need to back up data in cloud applications. Cloud-to-cloud backup is growing out of the nascent market phase and we predict 2014 will be a huge year for both Backupify and for the industry.”

Backupify uses the SaaS approach for its clients. In conjunction with SalesForce, Backupify has successfully deployed “One-Click Restore” which is getting rave reviews from SalesForce customers. Backupify will also be available on additional platforms by the end of the year. Platforms such as NetSuite, Zendesk, and Office 365 will all have Backupify support by Q4 2014. In efforts to continue expanding Backupify’s business, the company brought in Michael Benayoun as the Director of Channel sales. CEO Rob May believes that the strategy of bringing Backupify into the global market will help the company capitalize on its success in the United States.