Brinkster’s White Label Cloud Now Available for Resellers

As a cloud reseller, it can be difficult to compete with the Big 3 on IaaS pricing unless you have Brinkster. At the Cloud Partners 2014 conference in New Orleans, Brinkster announced that they will begin a program that allows resellers, value added resellers and other types of cloud centered businesses to resell a white labeled version of Brinkster’s public cloud. The white label cloud solution is significant because after the reseller adds the suggested markups, the cost to the customer equates to the same costs an IaaS provider such as AWS would charge. In some instances, the Brinkster’s suggested mark up would reap a reseller up to 65% in gross profit margins while allowing the reseller to stay competitive with the likes of AWS, Google and Microsoft.

Jared Stauffer is CEO of Brinkster he has stated, “Resellers can now sell cloud services at competitive rates, under their own brand, and start with margins that are well above where most programs top out.”

The white label program was first announced earlier this year. Brinkster’s white label solution was built using Flexiant’s Cloud Orchestrator. Stauffer mentions, “To expand our business, we wanted to offer a public cloud solution to capitalize on where the market is moving. Because we’re making an offensive play, we needed to get to market quickly, with an easy-to-use, self-intuitive and well-supported product. This is when we evaluated Flexiant and were impressed with its extensive functionality, full reseller capabilities, and the vendor’s global footprint.”

Jason Boffo, the President of Sales at Brinkster, was quoted as saying, “We believe that value added resellers, system integrators, and managed service providers are uniquely positioned as the trusted IT services adviser to millions of small- to medium-sized businesses. Brinkster’s Cloud Services Platform coupled with the services of these trusted advisers represents an excellent customer solution and tremendous growth opportunity for Brinkster and our partners.”