Bulletproof Adds 29% Gain on AWS Consulting Biz

Australia and New Zealand are both blossoming with cloud opportunities. Businesses both large and small find themselves looking for a competitive advantage given the current overall economic climate. Bulletproof is an IT consulting agency that is known as being the sole consulting partner in the South Pacific region for AWS services. Bulletproof mentioned that just last year, AWS consulting only made up 1% of its total business revenues. Bulletproof reports that this number has risen to 17% of overall revenues reported in the latest fiscal quarter.

CEO of Bulletproof Anthony Woodward reiterates this fact in an interview with ZDNet by saying, “In FY13 managed AWS accounted for less than 1 percent of recurring revenue, and in this year it was over 17 percent, so it’s grown very quickly.” When asked about the direction of cloud, Woodward mentioned, “This has matched up with the strong demand we’re seeing in the market from all different types of customers, where it’s not specialized to one particular area of the market; most businesses are now looking at cloud.”

Cloud integration specialists are seeing a boom during this time of rapid growth in cloud. Bulletproof is a prime example of how cloud can fuel an entire industry of service integration and cloud migration services. Woodward went on to explain Bulletproof’s strategy of getting cloud customers by saying, “The forward opportunity we see, where customers are getting the experience with the ‘low hanging fruit’, which are those digital assets that they have moved into the cloud, and then coming back and looking at what else could go over to the cloud.”

Building simple and scaling up is the preferred method for organization’s to get their feet wet with cloud services. Before an organization puts their services in the cloud, there’s always a bit of anxiety. Once the cloud services have validated themselves with the business model, the expectation is that the business continues to work with cloud integration specialists such as Bulletproof in efforts to continue to build out cloud infrastructure.

Woodward explains, “We just want to seize that opportunity and grow at that rate or better, and be a relatively dominant player in the cloud services space. Our underlying vision is to make the cloud work for business so they don’t have to worry about the latest thing and find a trusted partner.”