Cisco Acquires Collaboration Startup Assemblage

A few days ago Cisco announced their acquisition of cloud collaboration startup Assemblage. This has been in the pipeline since last month and is an exciting step forward for both companies. San Fransisco based Assemblage was founded only in August of last year, and it has already made a splash big enough to catch cloud giant Cisco’s attention. This is also a significant step for Cisco in their quest towards the ‘Internet of Everything’. Accenture’s expert insights on cloud automation will be helpful for Cisco in setting itself apart from its competitors.

Hilton Romanski, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Development at Cisco, posted on Cisco’s blog ”Today, I am pleased to announce Cisco’s acquisition of Assemblage to help us capture the ongoing market transitions of mobility, cloud and the Internet of Everything (IoE). Assemblage has built a talented team of web developers to deliver the tools and the infrastructure to enable simple, real-time collaboration through the browser to any device, without the need for downloads, plugins, or installations.”

Both companies seem extremely excited by the move and posted on their respective blogs about the announcement.  Romanski wrote, “We are excited to welcome Assemblage to our collaboration team. Together, Cisco and Assemblage will provide simple, easy-to-use solutions that help employees work smarter together from virtually anywhere.”

On the Assemblage blog they posted, “Today we are very excited to join Cisco as they recently announced the acquisition of Assemblage… We’re excited about this great opportunity and look forward to working with Cisco to drive innovation in this industry going forward.”

Assemblage offers cloud-based collaboration apps that aim to provide a new type of collaboration that provides real-time interconnectedness between people, companies and their browsers that is not only of simple but designed for the maximum benefit of the user.  It can be accessed directly through a user’s browser, on their mobile or desktop computer with no installation or plugins required and collaborations takes just one-click. Collaboration is achieved through a number of mediums including, shared whiteboarding, presentation broadcasting, and screen sharing.

Much like Cisco, Assemblage’s technology also integrates seamlessly with popular third party cloud services, and currently supports up to 40 different file types to ensure collaboration is both fast and effective. Romanski continued “Assemblage’s experience integrating with third party cloud ecosystem applications like Box and Google shows a close alignment to Cisco’s collaboration strategy and our commitment to simplicity and interoperability.”