2014 Cloud Hall of Shame- Holiday Edition

Around Xmas time, children often imagine Santa looking over the naughty and nice list of deeds from the past year; Evaluating who will be getting presents under the tree and in their stockings, or who will be getting lumps of coal. Inspired by this, the team at CloudWedge have decided to make their own list. The past year has seen some astounding developments within the industry and there have been more successes that can reasonably fit into a readable list. However, the naughty list was a lot easier to draft. Over the past year there have been an astounding number of failures within the cloud industry and we have compiled them here in our top 20 list for the 2014 Cloud Hall of Shame. This is by no means a complete list of all the humiliations the industry has seen this year, but rather a sampling of what issues have kept coming up.

In order of occurrence:

1)      The year started out slowly with a 2-3 hour outage for Dropbox users on a cold January morning.

2)      This was not a good year for apple security. Back in February, it was announced that Apple discovered critical security issues on their iOS 7.0.6 which specifically effected iPhone 4 and later, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 and later.

3)      Western Digital then put the Dropbox outage in perspective when they experienced an embarrassing week long of outages on their MyCloud service.

4)      Judge James Francis in New York changed privacy protocols for US companies storing data overseas thereby causing a serious threat to US cloud companies.

5)      AVG had to say rest in peace to their Cloud Backup service.

6)      Box had to attempt three times to make a successful IPO bid, but as the saying goes: Third times the Charm?

7)      Oracle gets caught with their pants down when it was revealed that their Java Cloud has 25+ security Issues.

8)      Then Adobe joined the outage party with their 24 hour outage.

9)      Snapchat’s red face after security issues.

10)   Joynet was brought down as the result of an admin’s fat finger.

11)   RIP Norton Zone Cloud Storage.

12)   Netflix and Verizon bicker like children over blame for playback issues.

13)   RIP dotCloud as Docker Shifts focus to app containers.

14)   Azure’s multiple outages, first in August and then again in November.

15)   The largest lump of could should really go to Apple as a result of the infamous iCloud Leak that shifted the way the world views cloud security.

16)   Firedrive becomes Houdini and has the entire service fall off the face of the planet.

17)   OneDrive’s file corrupting bug.

18)   DropBox’s missing files.

19)   Docker’s security bugs.

20)   Bitacasa’s unlimited cloud service becomes more than they can swallow as they discontinue their unlimited cloud storage service.

So, from the entire staff at CloudWedge, we would like to wish you a Merry Xmass and happy holidays!