CloudSigma & OpenVPN to Offer Secure Public Cloud Access

CloudSigma is known for their hybrid cloud innovations for small to medium enterprises. The highly touted IaaS provider recently noted that they would be teaming up with OpenVPN to provide remote access solutions to public cloud deployments. CloudSigma’s goal is ensure that unencrypted traffic from your business does not make it out onto a public internet line. To facilitate this, CloudSigma and OpenVPN have developed an appliance that is dubbed as being “A bridge between a company’s on-premise servers and those within CloudSigma’s public cloud whether they are connected to the VLAN or an external network to offer a seamless compute environment.”
CEO Robert Jenkins is quoted in a press release regarding the new hybrid cloud security appliance. Jenkins mentions, “Not many cloud providers allow customers to have servers residing on their internal network. But, by allowing direct connections to our VLAN, we are creating a more secure compute environment that is as easily accessible as on-premise infrastructure, but with all the flexibility and scalability of a public cloud. Via the new OpenVPN software appliance, customers can encrypt their data in motion as it’s sent through from our cloud locations on to customer access points. There are geographic routing advantages also. For instance, they can essentially choose to route their data through our Swiss location for added protection against U.S. data privacy and access laws.”
The CloudSigma OpenVPN offering can be setup within minutes. This virtual appliance is the perfect balance for onsite system administrators who want to have control over their data versus implementing an alternative. Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN talked about the alternatives and mentioned how CloudSigma and OpenVPN’s solution is better. Dinha notes, “There are many VPN services out there, but the majority make customers use the provider’s network whereas we allow users to connect their machine directly to their own network, providing more secure and controlled cloud connectivity and resource management. Together with CloudSigma’s high quality, innovative cloud platform, our award-winning OpenVPN software is advancing remote access capabilities for today’s agile business environments.”