Connected Cloud Summit Announces Date in Boston

IoT is becoming one of the hottest trends in cloud today. The term describes the next generation of the internet where devices that aren’t traditionally connected to the internet are able to begin report data into cloud services for analytics purposes. Need to query your refrigerator to know the average temperature on the inside over the past 30 days? IoT can make this happen. IoT has innovations that allow you to gain analytics on things you never thought were possible and this presents new innovations and business opportunities for cloud entrepreneurs.

It is looking more and more like IoT is here to stay. Several years ago, it was unclear as if the concept would stick. As IT giants such as Google began spending billions in buying up smaller IoT focused startups such as Nest Labs, it seemed as the rest of the world took this as the hint that IoT was a technology that many vendors will focus on in the future. Fast forward to now and many corporations have realized that IoT is the next big innovation in cloud. Participating in events such as the Connected Cloud Summit will keep you ahead of the curve in regards to breakthroughs, industry news and innovations found inside of the Internet of Things marketplace.

The Connected Cloud Summit is a conference that specifically discusses the current and future of the Internet of Things. According to a release, the event is scheduled to take place in Boston at the State Room on September 18th 2014. If you register now, you can save up to $100 off of your ticket bringing the cost from $595 to $495.

The marquee sponsor of the event is Oracle. Several high profile individuals in the world of IoT are expected to present at the event. A few of the names on the speaker’s list include:

  • Don Dodge – Developer Advocate at Google
  • Chad Jones – VP of IoT Strategy at LogMeIn
  • Anthony Passemard – Director of Strategic Alliances at SalesForce
  • Paul Roberts – Founder and Editor in Chief  at The Security Ledger
  • Bobby Patrick – Chief of Cloud Marketing at Hewlett Packard
  • Peter Utzschneider – VP of Product Development at Oracle
  • And many more.

CCS 2014 Promo from Jeffery Kaplan on Vimeo.