Accepting Beta Testers for Long-Term Cloud Storage

If you have large files that you want to store in the cloud, there’s several companies out there who will host your data for a nominal fee. What if you do not plan on accessing that data for several years? Shouldn’t you get a discount? is a cloud solution that addresses this problem. With, customers can begin “Deep freezing” the files they would like to host in the cloud so that they can retrieve them at a later date. is currently in beta stages. The service is allowing beta testers to get 100GBs of free space while the product is in beta and once the project leaves beta stages, the service will start out at $15 per year. also connects to your DropBox account so that you can DeepFreeze files that are already in your DropBox account. realizes that you may be storing seldom used files inside your cloud storage account. Instead of upgrading your services on these platforms, DeepFreeze connects directly into your DropBox and copies files into your DeepFreeze account for long term storage. Please note that does not remove files from your Dropbox, it simply copies the files for permanent cloud storage.

When you need to retrieve files from your account, your files will need to go into a “Thawing” stage. The only drawback to the service is that your files are not available on demand. This is the secret sauce for which may be its drawback. In order to be able to offer so much space for such a small cost, reorganizes your data and thus the data must go through a thawing stage which can take several hours. may have found a niche inside of the cloud storage market and it will be interesting to see if this company can take off and become the new popular cloud file storage service.