Digital Realty to Launch Cloud Services Marketplace

Digital Realty Trust has made plans to launch a cloud service marketplace in efforts to neutralize the dependence of organizations on specific cloud provider. This model also greatly reduces the amount of research an individual must perform in order to make decisions on cloud vendors.

Digital Realty has formed a partnership with ComputeNext to help cloud consumers quickly make decisions on their next public, private or hybrid cloud deployment. ComputeNext’s platform allows trusted cloud vendors to sell their services in the same way that a travel website would sell you a flight. You could adjust the criteria of the cloud you are building and Digital Realty Trust and ComputeNext’s marketplace would make suggestions and allow you to sort those suggestions by all different sets of criteria.

The first providers to be listed in this marketplace will be IBM’s SoftLayer, Internap, Interoute, GoGrid and SingleHop. Each of these trusted providers can publish their offers within the marketplace in order to expose cloud consumers to the latest cloud pricing schemes. Certain providers may provide a strategic advantage and this marketplace will pit cloud pricing schemes side by side in order to show the consumer their best options.

Sundar Kannan of ComputeNext says, “Our platform allows clients to quickly search and provision cloud resources, with a unified API to search, catalog and manage workload lifecycles, without tying clients to a specific cloud platform or geography. This aligns perfectly with Digital Realty’s global reach and expanding client base.”

A. William Stein, acting CEO and CFO of Digital Realty Trust commented on the deal by saying, “Businesses are seeking a more flexible data center environment, with easier access to a hybrid solution of private, semi-private, and public cloud. By partnering with ComputeNext, we now offer access to a one-stop shop for cloud infrastructure services from trusted providers within the Digital Realty Global Cloud Marketplace.”