DigitalOcean Introduces New London Datacenter

In efforts to bridge the gap between its East coast datacenter in the US and its European datacenter in Amsterdam, DigitalOcean has decided to build out another datacenter located in London, UK.

In an email sent out to users of the DigitalOcean service, the upstart cloud company notes, “Our community has been requesting a UK region for a while now, and we’re excited to finally announce that it is now available. It is through our users’ support that we have now been able to expand to five regions globally.”

The email also notes that the London datacenter will fully support IPv6. This functionality is essential because it allows developers to perform actions that once required the server to reboot without actually having to reboot the box. As any systems administrator knows, rebooting a server may not always have the intended result. DigitalOcean also mentions that existing droplets can have IPv6 added onto them without requiring a reboot.

DigitalOcean does not seem to be losing any steam in gaining IaaS market share. Last year, it was reported that DigitalOcean was the 15th largest public cloud provider in the world. That number is quite impressive given the fact that just a few years prior, DigitalOcean didn’t even exist as a company. DigitalOcean has been catapulted even higher up the chain because the company hasn’t lost any momentum since hitting the big stage.

Current reports show that DigitalOcean is currently the 6th largest public cloud provider in the world. DigitalOcean is a prime example of how lean startups can compete against the largest companies in a specific market. Publically traded RackSpace has been having trouble keeping up with DigitalOcean although RackSpace owns a large segment of the cloud and has forged strategic partnerships to help keep its company thriving.

 DigitalOcean bucks all of the trends in cloud IaaS. DigitalOcean notoriously hosts all of its servers on SSDs and the simple interface allows users to sign up directly from the homepage and have a $5 a month cloud server available for them in 55 seconds.