Docker Dumps dotCloud; Shifts focus to App Containers

Docker has gained some notoriety in cloud circles due to its open source technology that allows administrators to easily move code from server onto another. dotCloud is the company that berthed Docker and since Docker has perked the interest of organizations such as Google, dotCloud thought it might be a good idea to sell dotCloud and focus solely on Docker.

Many analysts argue that without dotCloud, there would be no Docker. That’s probably true considering dotCloud started in 2010 and the company fostered the environment for Docker to be developed. dotCloud was acquired by CloudControl who is based out of Germany. dotCloud is noted to have about 500 clients on board. Specific terms surrounding the deal have not yet been released although none of dotCloud’s current employees are expected to make the transition into CloudControl. CloudControl is known as a rising European PaaS provider. Experts agree that the acquisition of dotCloud will help CloudControl expand further into America and the rest of the world. Both CloudControl and dotCloud operate on top of AWS therefore it is suggested that the transition will be both painless and simple for current clients.

Docker made headlines earlier this year when launching a commercial Docker service for developers. CEO Ben Golub mentions, “Doing this right now is really just about making sure that we have the ability to focus 100 percent on our core business.” Selling dotCloud makes sense given the fact that dotCloud has been in somewhat of a pivoting stage since receiving $15 million in funding earlier this year.

Golub continues on by saying, “We want to establish a revenue model and make sure we have the ability to generate meaningful revenue in 2015. But this year, it’s far more important to make sure we make Docker solid and ubiquitous and build more advanced monitoring, management, and orchestration tools that will drive revenue in 2015.”