EMC Closes Deal w/ TwinStrata for Hybrid Cloud Integrations

TwinStrata is best known for selling a datacenter appliance called CloudArray that securely connects to cloud storage services to perform offsite data replications instantaneously.

CloudArray is a powerful tool that takes an innovative approach to backing up your organization’s critical data. The appliance allows users to save files to file shares as normal while CloudArray sits in the background and does all of the backup work systems administrators were accustomed to performing with scheduled jobs or other means. Since CloudArray replicates the data in your private cloud into a secured public cloud solution, many organizations have turned to CloudArray as their first hybrid cloud project.

EMC has decided to capitalize on the success of TwinStrata’s products. TwinStrata’s CloudArray functionality is expected to be built into the VMAX3 data storage system. The amount EMC spent on TwinStrata is not currently being reported. TwinStrata’s website is already proclaiming the deal is done.

CEO Nicos Vekiarides wrote an open letter found on the company’s website that says, “Working together as part of EMC, we are looking to integrate CloudArray into the new VMAX3 enterprise data service platform to allow you to automatically tier workloads even more seamlessly for off-premise storage capacity expansion, data protection and disaster recovery. We could not be more excited for the opportunity. We are dedicated to maintaining and increasing the quality of innovation, support, and service that you have come to expect from TwinStrata–and that you already know and love from EMC.”

On paper, the marriage of EMC and TwinStrata seems to be a good fit. EMC is often the first company large organizations call when they want to build out onsite storage infrastructure. Since studies suggest more businesses will be switching the hybrid cloud model. Implementing functionality such as CloudArray is essential for EMC to stay ahead of its competition.