EMC Upgrades & Expands Flash Storage Solutions

EMC Corporation announced a number of flash storage product upgrades, as well as introduced new products and solutions in their just concluded annual event, held in London, dubbed “Redefine Possible”.

David Goulden, CEO of Information Infrastructure used this event to validate their products saying that the upgrades and new products will solve the dilemma faced by most IT departments, torn between using a private application or shifting to a public cloud solution. Jeremy Burton, President of Products, Marketing, and Solutions noted most IT departments are wary of using public cloud solutions due to issues like security, accessibility, and management of data cost-effectively. EMC addresses these issues by providing hybrid cloud solutions to all its clients.

What’s new?

XtremIO 3.0

According to EMC, XtremeIO has fetched more than $ 100 million since they launched the product six months ago. XtremeIO 3.0, a free upgrade to all existing customers currently using XtremeIO, is supposed to offer a better experience in terms of speed of data accessibility and overall performance.

EMC introduced a variety of clusters. 5TB Starter X-Brick is a new affordable data service targeting small businesses. Medium and large enterprises can scale-up up to six 20TB X-Bricks depending on their storage need.

VMAX3 Family

The VMAX3 family, which everyone has been waiting for, is finally here. This is the first open enterprise data service ever. After acquiring TwinStrata, EMC has integrated CloudArray into VMAX3 to offer a hybrid cloud solution to enterprises. This version will be three times faster than the existing VMAX versions. It offers enterprises more storage capacity and a more secure storage application, with faster access to data between on-premise storage applications and public cloud storage. In a nutshell, it offers a cost-effective way to manage data. VMAX3 is available on a new operating system called HYPERMAX OS. EMC will continue to offer the cloud storage services through TwinStrata.

What’s been upgraded?

Isilon OneFS

Isilon OneFS was upgraded to cater to Data Lakes that deal with large amount of unstructured data. The Isilon FS is integrated with Hadopp Bundle, which EMC launched with Pivotal, for faster comprehension of unstructured data. Besides, EMC also introduced two new platforms, Isilon S210 and Isilon X410 as well as OneFS software to offer two times better performance compared to earlier versions.


EMC did not forget to touch on their Software-defined Storage portfolio; ViPR, introduced to the market just a year ago. In tandem with upgrades of their existing applications and software, EMC introduced two new platforms, ViPR2.0 and ViPR SRM 3.5 for cost-effective commodity-based storage applications. These two platforms are ideal for small businesses.

For medium and big corporations, EMC introduced ECS Appliance that will run on the ViPR 2.0 platform. As has been the trend with the other EMC products and upgrades announced; ECS Appliance will offer data centers a secure storage application for their huge amount of data with expansion capabilities and easy management of their data.

EMC’s new range of products and upgrades were necessitated by the increasing need for storage of data, faster accessibility of data, and management of data from small businesses to enterprises with huge amount of data (data lakes). Through innovation and invention, EMC sought to solve the big question that has been bothering IT departments for a while, viz; security, accessibility, and management of data. These new products and upgrades are available for all market segments, and will definitely bridge the gap between on-premise and cloud storage solutions. While at the same time, reduce the cost of managing and storing data.

EMC has introduced a few “first” products to the market and the industry at large over the last few years. This year was not different. With the introduction of the only open enterprise data service, we can only speculate what to expect in the near future.