Envivio Unveils Nuage SaaS Video Suite

Delivering video content to your end users can prove to be a challenging feat. Since most solutions require a multi-vendor approach, simply implementing video streaming capabilities into your app could prove to be costly and complex. Envivio has unveiled its new product called Nuage. Envivio Nuage allows organizations to deliver video content using the simplicity of the cloud.

Envivio CEO Julien Signes is quoted in a release as saying, “From large operators to small content owners, everyone wants to deliver their video assets to all consumers on any screen. But the complexity of the fast-evolving ecosystem, the long and painful multi-vendor integration, makes launching those projects a lengthy and costly process that hinders industry progress.”

Arnaud Perrier from Envivio’s VP-Strategy and Corporate Development department continues on, “This expansion of our portfolio allows us to offer the virtualized video solution in a service providers’ privately owned cloud, a public cloud, or a combination of both. This gives operators the flexibility they need to launch or scale multi-screen video services using the efficiencies and elasticity of the cloud, with fast time-to-market, seamless end-to-end integration, and employing a pay-as-you-grow OPEX model. With Nuage, we can enable the next Netflix or ESPN.com in 30 days or less.”

Perrier added, “We offer broadcast quality, including 4K, with 24/7 operated and monitored live, linear and on-demand video services from the cloud with the full panel of monetization features…no one else does that.”

Envivio’s secret sauce could set it apart from the competition, considering its unique nature. Envivio’s SaaS platform allows organizations to use exactly what they need turning capital expenses into operating expenses. This gives small organizations an agile platform in which they can connect their video directly to streaming services such as Apple TV, XBox, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS/Android tablets, and smart TVs. Businesses can grow with Envivio Nuage which is what makes this SaaS app remarkable and revolutionary.