EyeFi Mobi Connects Digital Cameras to the Cloud

Only 46% of digital cameras manufactured in 2014 have the ability to use WiFi. Since cloud storage is the perfect compliment any photographer’s portfolio, EyeFi saw an opportunity to capitalize with its latest product release. EyeFi Mobi is an SD card that has a built in WiFi chip that allows you to connect any camera to the cloud. An 8GB EyeFiSD chip has a MSRP of $49. 

EyeFi also provides cloud storage for users of the EyeFi MobiSD memory chip. This service also costs $49 per year but unlike Google Drive or OneDrive, EyeFi’s cloud storage is unlimited. What’s the catch? You can only store photos in the EyeFi service. The idea seems to be a good concept because if you use EyeFi for all of your pictures and photography needs, you may not ever have to buy another SD card again. You could simply take a few pictures, sync them to EyeFi’s cloud storage service and wipe the pictures from the disk. You could subsequently begin taking more pictures because the previously captured pictures would already be stored in the cloud.

EyeFi’s Mobi product solves a serious problem in the digital camera industry. With fewer than 50% of today’s cameras being equipped to join the internet of things, the industry seems to be lagging behind without these capabilities built-in already. The EyeFi Cloud service is simplistic, speedy and provides unlimited space for your pictures. This service could have trouble going head to head against traditional cloud storage providers but that’s not the real intent of the product. EyeFi works on all platforms and the EyeFi cloud app can be downloaded onto any of your smart devices which can allow you to securely share out photos with just a few taps on your screen. EyeFi Mobi represents a tremendous value for those who value their photography and the ability to instantly share it with the world the moment you capture the picture.