Google Aquires Zync For Cloud-Based Film Editing

Zync is a software firm that is known for making tools that allow film editors to implement visual effects using the cloud. Sources are reporting that Google is purchasing Zync so that it can include its features and functionality as a service for those who may be working within Google Cloud services. Zync’s also made splashes in the film community when large scale productions such as “Star Trek Into Darkness” used Zync’s Render technology in the making of the special effects.

Google’s website mentioned that “Many studios, however, don’t have the resources or desire to create an in-house rendering farm, or they need to burst past their existing capacity.” Analysts believe that with Google’s backing, Zync can be offered by the minute whereas the service is currently offered by the hour. Since the service would likely be CPU and GPU intensive, Google can offer these services much more efficiently than Zync can on their own. Another important fact to highlight is that Google can take Zync to other studios thus requiring studios who are already using Amazon AWS to switch to Google’s cloud in order to utilize Zync.  While terms of the deal have not been disclosed as of yet, the terms and dollar figures are expected to be released soon.

More information about Zync can be found on their website at Since the acquisition, Zync’s website reads, “Since its inception at visual effects studio ZERO VFX, nearly 5 years ago, ZYNC was designed to not only leverage the benefits and flexibilities inherent in cloud computing but to offer this in a user-friendly package. Pairing this history with the scale and reliability of Google Cloud Platform will help us offer an even better service to our customers – including more scalability, more host packages and better pricing (including per-minute billing). With a friction-free, affordable, and elastic rendering solution, visual designers and artists in the industry can continue to do their best work.”