GreenPages CEO Notes Rapid Hybrid Cloud Growth

GreenPages CEO Ron Dupler was recently selected as the keynote speaker for the 18th annual GreenPages Cloud Summit. Dupler talked about the rapid growth of hybrid cloud and GreenPages’ focus on this vertical. Dupler noted that GreenPages is on pace to increase sales revenues by 12% while bringing that total number to $130 million by the end of 2014.

Dupler was quoted as saying, “Customers are looking at us to really execute in the cloud now. There is no more debate. Customers are acknowledging cloud and they are operationalizing cloud strategies. We are seeing tremendous traction with our CMaaS [Cloud Management as a Service platform] with an accelerating pipeline.” Dupler went on to talk about how he believes hybrid cloud will continue to be a key priority for corporate IT teams throughout 2015. Dupler also mentions, “We expect to see hyper growth in everything related to cloud revenue streams and continued pressure on customer-owned technology.”

While GreenPages is enjoying the fruits of its hybrid cloud offerings, it wasn’t always like this. Several years ago, some of GreenPages’ clients lambasted CEO Dupler for his hybrid cloud evangelism with many GreenPages members indicating that the cloud was not something they were interested in using. Fast forward until now and all of those opinions have changed. Steve Burke was reporting on the GreenPages event for CRN and he mentions, “The vast majority of GreenPages customers in attendance are actively working on both private and public cloud hybrid projects.”

GreenPages CEO continued to talk about his role in helping companies move into the cloud. Dupler mentions, “Customers are looking for us to guide their overall infrastructure transformation because their staffs are very oriented toward the old paradigm. They want us to take a leadership role on this.”

Dupler left the attendees of the conference with one final piece of wisdom: “Corporate IT has a duty and imperative to change the game. You don’t have to be the guys that say ‘No.’; you can be the guys that say yes and provide the mandate to bring IT back in house.”