HP Introduces Helion VPC Lean for Virtual Private Clouds

Private clouds are being used in a wide variety tasks throughout organizations all over the world. More often than not, medium to large enterprises find themselves needing a small virtual private cloud environment for application development or application testing purposes. Cutting through the corporate red tape to get additional infrastructure for your project isn’t always as easy as it should be. Hewlett-Packard’s solution to this predicament is called Helion VPC Lean. HP mentions that VPC is short for Virtual Private Cloud and the new service is geared towards organizations that value security and performance without having to break the bank.

While it’s true that HP already has a managed, private cloud offering, Helion VPC Lean is designed to meet immediate cloud needs of SysOps and DevOps without asking organizations to ink a large scale infrastructure contract. In fact, Helion VPC Lean pricing starts out at only $168 per month which is affordable for most medium to large enterprises. Another added advantage of HP’s Helion VPC Lean is that this cloud offering comes with HP’s Enterprise support which is one less management task that your IT staff will have to worry about. HP also mentions that their VPC Lean offering has the ability to add features on demand.

In HP’s press release, the organization described Helion VPC Lean as a service that “Allows organizations to reap the enterprise benefits of a managed VPC, such as a regionalized cloud for data sovereignty, low latency, compliance, high availability, security and a variety of continuity options, for a lower upfront investment.”

Jim Fanella, VP of Workload and Cloud at HP, was quoted in the press release as saying, “The new HP Helion Managed VPC Lean now delivers a lower-priced alternative designed to enable clients to further optimize cloud workloads in the enterprise —while still providing superior, enterprise-class service and performance.”