IBM to use Cloud to Deliver US Open

An IBM press release highlights a new deal with the United States Tennis Association in order to broadcast the US Open online. IBM’s innovative cloud solutions will allow fans to watch the US Open on any of their devices including their desktop computers, mobile devices and streaming devices. IBM also notes that they have created an app that will allow users to track all of the latest stats from the event right on your mobile device.

The release mentions, “IBM also designed and developed the US Open tournament website,, with new data sets and enhanced data visualizations – powered by IBM SlamTracker analytics and cloud technologies – to more effectively communicate real time and historical statistical insights.”

IBM further describes its app by saying, “SlamTracker analyzes more than 41 million data points from eight years of Grand Slam tennis match data to identify three performance indicators – dubbed ‘Keys to the Match’ – that can affect a player’s ability to succeed. During a match, SlamTracker visualizes the real-time data, including serve statistics and winning shots, allowing fans to interact with the data to gain deeper insight into match dynamics.”

IBM’s innovative approach to delivering the US Open will satisfy even the biggest stat nerd. Nicole Jeter West from the USTA is quoted as saying, “We value being able to introduce new ideas knowing that IBM is going to be there to provide the innovation and  infrastructure needed to bring our world-class event to life for tennis fans everywhere.”

IBM’s delivery of the US Open using cloud is certainly expected to raise the profile of the event. As tennis fans around the globe will the use the website to follow one of the biggest events in tennis, IBM’s cloud will be the engine that delivers all of the video feeds, stats and special features which are expected to make this year’s US Open simply revolutionary.