IoT Wearables Expected to Highlight Google I/O

Google I/O is the biggest event of the year for developers. This meet up will take place in San Francisco at the Moscone Center West on Wednesday, June 25th 2014. The event is expected to kick off at 9am PST. Various media organizations such as CNET plan on doing live analysis of the conference with many technical experts on hand to provide their insight into the presentations.

One of the least guarded secrets of Google I/O is the fact that Samsung plans on introducing an Android based smart watch. LG and Motorola have put their own spin on these types of wearable devices that will be able to harness the power of cloud services such as those offered by Google. Wearable devices are gaining popularity among consumers and some trend spotters mention that the wearables market could see the same type of growth that the smartphone saw last decade.

All of Google’s futuristic endeavors will also be on display. Cloud connected cars that drive autonomously as well as Google’s Open Auto Alliance project will be hot topic of discussion. A new release of the Android OS will be discussed with one of the main bullet points being that the new OS is built for many of the new 64 bit processors on the market. Google Glass and its future will also become a hot button discussion.

Jeffery Hammond, an analyst with Forrester Research mentions, “I expect a frenetic pace of new announcements across a number of market segments – mobile, cloud infrastructure, wearables, software services, home automation, and a dollop of just over-the-horizon craziness with robots, self-driving cars, and internet enabled satellites.”

Hammond goes on to talk about how he expects Google to influence cloud developers at IO. The Telegraph quotes Hammond as saying, “Under it all I expect the message to developers will be this is all linked, and there is an end-to-end vision of how apps and software come together with the phone, the cloud, and the physical world around us. It’s our ecosystem you want to bet on, because it’s larger, extends further, and it’s more open.”