Is VMware Rebranding vCHS to vCloud Air?

Sources are reporting that VMware may be in the process of changing the name of its cloud offering vCHS to vCloud Air. The move is being reported by Gigaom and some analysts feel as if the vCHS had a negative connotation attached to it since many industry insiders aptly referred to the service as vCheese. It’s also being reported that VMware insiders have mentioned that since cheese could equate to “Cheesy” or low quality, the name had to be dropped because VMware felt customers may feel as if their service was of lower quality.

Back in May, it was reported on the VMware’s Reddit Ask Me Anything post where the team of developers took free for all questions from Redditors. One of the best parts of the entire AMA was the meme that one VMware employee posted that consisted of David Hasselhoff and a caption reading “Don’t call it V-CHEESE.” Unfortunately, the meme may have reinforced the name even more.

CRN contacted its anonymous sources with VMware to comment on the potential name change. The commenter from VMware, who only spoke under the condition of anonymity, mentioned that he thought that “The vCloud Hybrid Service name was a little confusing to folks and didn’t exactly roll off the tongue.”

CRN also noted that VMware service integrators may appreciate the fact that a name change may help their business because they wouldn’t be selling that had repitive words that conflict with the service integrators name or products. Tom Nats is the managing partner of a Denver, CO based VMware integration service and he mentions, “If they offer a product called vCloud Air, which has features I can’t provide myself and is delivered from data centers where we don’t have a presence, we could consider selling it.” Although vCHS is seeing improved numbers, it is still uncertain if the name change will actually be vCloud Air or if the name change will take place at all since all of the reports are merely rumors and unidentified VMware employee speculation.