ISG to Provide Cloud to Kansas Schools

Select groups of Kansas school districts and universities known as KanREN have adopted a cloud solution that will give each campus within this network access to voice, data and information security services. ISG technology just inked the contract to revamp the technology infrastructure in the KanREN school system. ISG’s press release calls KanREN a “Non-profit consortium of colleges, universities, school districts and other organizations in Kansas, organized for the purpose of facilitating communication among them, and providing them with connectivity to the Internet via a statewide network.”

Part of the deal will include a fiber connection from each of these schools directly into the datacenters that ISG may have in the region. This new deal also includes internet services to each school at no extra cost. Some of these schools that have signed onto the ISG deal have never had access to a datacenter before so it will be interesting to see how some schools creatively put their new resources to use.

ISG serves the heartland of the USA. The company has built datacenters in Kansas City, Columbia, MOTopeka and in Wichita. In a press release, Cort Buffington an Executive Director at ISG said, “It’s great to work with a Kansas company that is committed to our state. ISG has a great reputation and it’s important for many of our members to know that ISG’s operation, including help desk, is right here in Kansas.” Buffington went on to mention, “Connecting the KanREN network to ISG’s Data Centers is a big leap forward in capability.”

The press release goes on to credit Tom Sloan, a representative from Kansas. Sloan goes on to say, “ISG Technology presented at the Vision 2020 committee meeting on the topic of how broadband and cloud services advance Kansas economic development and improve educational services in our schools.” Sloan continued to explain how ISG was a good fit by saying, “The committee toured the ISGDataCenter in Topeka, and knew it made a lot of sense for these two Kansas entities to work together.”