Joyent Hires Scott Hammond as New CEO

Scott Hammond, a veteran at Cisco, has been named the new CEO of Joyent. Joyent is a cloud provider that is trying to rediscover itself. While Joyent was previously known for offering high performance computing solutions in the public cloud, the company has pivoted into private cloud sales in order to gain an edge on the competition. The decision to pivot was partly due to the fact that Joyent has begun offering a product called Smart Data Center 7. This platform makes private cloud management easier to scale and manage.

A couple weeks ago, you may remember that Joyent suffered an outage in one of its East coast datacenters due to administrator error. It is unclear whether or not this event has caused Joyent to pivot to private cloud services. Chief Technology Officer Brian Cantrill puts a positive spin on the pivot by mentioning, “This offering really reflects the wisdom of operating our public cloud.” Cantrill then went into details about the advantages of Joyent’s private cloud services. Cantrill also mentioned that Joyent has an edge on its competitors because some of them have never run a public cloud service.

Joyent is betting big on hybid cloud. Joyent’s new type of client will be one that needs private cloud high-powered computing solutions that integrate seamlessly with onsite hardware and software. This new approach to cloud is why Joyent resorted to hiring a new CEO. Scott Hammond replaces Henry Wasik, the previous CEO of Joyent.

Hammond is quoted as saying, “Joyent has a massive market opportunity coming into the era of hybrid cloud adoption.” Hammond also enthusiastically said, “Joyent’s ability to provide a consistent, high-performance technology stack for both public and private use gives the company a significant differentiator and advantage in a noisy market.” Hammond’s experience and expertise is expected to guide Joyent as they explore the private and hybrid cloud service space.