KPMG Survey Shows Mobile Cloud’s Growth Potential

KPMG is known for being an audit firm that assists with due diligence tasks. KMPG recently conducted a survey in the mobile sector that queried 100 senior level executives. 74% of those queried for this survey mentioned that they worked for companies that bring in over $1 billion in revenues each year. The minimum criterion for partaking in this survey was being employed by a company that brings in $100 million in annual revenue.

Of the 100 executives, 53 mentioned that mobile revenues brought in more cash than forecasted in 2013. 46 of the 100 said that cloud revenues stayed consistent with their forecasts. While mobile is currently a hot trend, mobile is expected to take a backseat to analytics within the next few years. Being able to gather data on those who are interested or currently using your products will be essential for maintaining a customer relationship. KPMG’s survey highlights the fact that data and analytics will become a high margin profit stream. In fact, 51% of respondents mentioned that data and analytics could become their primary profit vertical going forward. Mobile device development came in a close second with 41%.

Gary Matuszak, Global Chair at KPMG, indicates that IoT has the biggest potential to bring in untapped streams of revenue for companies. It is interesting to hear Matuszak’s commentary on this because KMPG’s survey found that only 19% of respondents mentioned IoT becoming the top revenue vertical in the future.

Other tidbits found in the survey show that corporate earnings expectations have been hampered to some extent. Last year, survey results showed that 8 out of 10 executives believed their growth rate would be over 6%. In this year’s installment of the survey, 79% of respondents indicated that they expected revenues to grow. While revenues were expected to grow, the respondents indicated that the revenues would only grow 1-5% indicating lower corporate expectations.