LabStyle’s Dario Smart Meter Uses Cloud to Fight Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association claims that 29.1 million Americans had Diabetes in 2012. That figure represents about 9.3% of the nation. Traditional ways of managing Diabetes sometimes involves pricking your skin in order to test your blood sugar levels. The Israel based startup LabStyles wants to change the way diabetics manage their disease using cloud and analytics.

Dario is the name given to the device that has become LabStyle’s premier product (video below). Dario is a smart meter that helps users conduct long term analysis regarding their glucose levels. Dario comes with an adapter that plugs into your mobile device that helps sync your glucose data into the cloud thus allowing the app to make suggestions based on the statistics gathered using Dario. Doctors can use the analytics stored by Dario to track progress and make recommendations to the patient.

The Dario app is informative, sleek and modern looking. When the user first logs into the app, they are presented with a slew of statistics collected using the device. The Dario Smart Meter could replace the standard SMBG testing devices that are currently used for glucose monitoring. The total SMBG market is worth about $12 billion. Erez Raphael, CEO of LabStyles, explained the challenges diabetics face by saying, “Diabetics feel alone so we try to try to surround them with the understanding of what to do next and give them support services from caregivers in their communities.”

When interviewed by JBN about his app, Raphael mentioned, “We have a solution from the smart phone connected to the cloud over the web. Information that the users update is loaded to the cloud and their physicians can keep track of it. A diabetic can learn what to do after he gets a reading of his blood glucose level from the app.” A soft launch of the product has already occurred and the product seems to be getting positive reviews. Analysts expect Dario to be fully available to the public by the end of August 2014.