McAfee Announces Cloud Security Products for US Gov’t Cloud

With the US government’s “Cloud first” initiative that was announced several years ago, more departments of the federal government are looking at cloud options due to the fact that the systems have been proven to save early adopters millions within their technology budgets. Local, state and federal US Government entities have been rushing to move their IT services into the cloud in order to offset costs associated with operating private, on-site equipment.

In a press release, McAfee mentioned that their newest product will help increase security for US Government entities that are operating inside of AWS. The offering is called Host-Based Security Solution. McAfee’s solution will first be used by the United Stated Department of Defense being deployed using SaaS products offered by InfoReliance. InfoReliance is assisting McAfee with its migration of features within the AWS cloud. McAfee notes that HBSS has already found itself in use on over 5 million Department of Defense systems. HBSS is designed to detect security threats in real time while providing real time analysis to those who are employed to monitor the alerts.

Ken Kartsen from McAfee commented on the new products by saying, “Our DoD customers said they wanted to transition to the cloud and we listened.” Kartsen added, “We’re embracing cloud through strategic investments across our portfolio of network and endpoint cybersecurity technologies so they will be interoperable with AWS. We wanted to lead with a cloud offering for HBSS as it is so critical to the security of DoD systems.”

Terasa Carlson, Amazon’s VP of the Worldwide Public Sector within AWS, also went on the record about the deal. She said, “It is important for DoD customers to be able to quickly and easily migrate to the cloud while meeting their mandated security requirements. This shared security solution provides additional layers of security to help DoD customers to securely manage resources in the cloud while reducing costs.”