Microsoft: Cloud Database Backups Double in the Past Year

Backing up your databases in the cloud is becoming faster, easier and cheaper than ever. A study that was funded by Microsoft sought out feedback from organizations on how they went about setting up their disaster recovery infrastructure. Although cloud database backups represented only 15% of respondents, Microsoft mentions that this figure has increased two fold over the previous year’s study.

The study was funded by Microsoft however Forrester conducted the research. The study’s findings were introduced to the world by Noel Yuhanna who is a principal analyst at Forrester. Yuhanna had a webinar last Tuesday that laid out all of the findings for those who were interested in watching. At this time, there does not appear to be a downloadable version of this webinar available. The title of the webinar was called “Database Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Gain Momentum: Are You Ready?” It is expected that this webinar will be released in a downloadable format soon.

The study queried 209 DBAs and database backup professionals within North America. The key highlight of this study is that database backup in the cloud has doubled since 2013. Many analysts feel as if this trend will continue along the same trajectory. Other key findings in this study were that 70% of organizations queried mention that they have over 2TB of data that requires backup services. Yuhanna also mentioned that 90% of the internet’s data has been created within the past 2 years, further fueling the need for cloud data backup and cloud database backup solutions that can keep up with this rapid expansion of new data.

Other key findings highlighted the fact that public cloud storage has helped organizations meet internal service level agreement thresholds. The biggest finding isn’t so surprising: 78% of organizations still fear utilizing public cloud data backup services because they feel as if their data is being put at risk.