More Experience Equals Fewer Cloud Security Worries

In any industry, knowledge is power. If your systems get hacked, that is a direct result of two things: Poor planning or a lack of knowledge. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a survey conducted by RightScale finds that those with more cloud experience worry less about cloud security. The survey generated a vast amount of data that can be best expressed in concise bullet points.

  • 1,068 companies provided responses
  • 94% of respondents are using some form of cloud
  • 29% are using public cloud only
  • 58% are using hybrid or multiple clouds
  • 7% of respondents only use private cloud

The report goes on to say that the biggest barriers for cloud implementation are corporate red tape. Compliance, costs and cloud performance worries are often the biggest road blocks for cloud implementation. The report noted that companies tend to be getting more comfortable with the cloud as long as they have it already implemented.

Gaining Benefits from the Cloud

The study also noted greater benefits for respondents based on previous studies. In 2013, 41% of respondents for this survey said that they gained benefits from high-availability cloud solutions. In 2014, that same question received a positive response rate of 48%. This increase is on par with what organizations such as Gartner, IDG and others have predicted. The topic of business continuity using the cloud has also seen an increase. In 2013, the respondents noted that 28% were using the cloud for business continuity whereas respondents in 2014 said that 34% had implemented a cloud based business continuity strategy.

What about public cloud implementation? Despite significant strides by Azure, RackSpace, Google and others, Amazon Web Services is still king with 54% of the respondents saying that they use this IaaS. Another interesting nugget of information is that 74% of the respondents say that they actively seek a multi-cloud solution.