nCrypted Cloud Launches in EU and UK

Being able to store your organizations files in the cloud securely is probably one of the top concerns of those that use cloud storage solutions. nCrypted Cloud was built as a cloud agnostic tool that allows you to encrypt your data before it is uploaded into the cloud. nCrytpted cloud is shown to work all of your most popular cloud storage providers including Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive. Client side encryption technologies are expected to grow due to the objections of those who are leery about storing data inside the public cloud.

Dennis Allan is the founder of nCrypted Cloud and an interview he mentions, “nCrypted Cloud works very successfully across a number of the key repositories and, in the case of Dropbox, is complimentary to the enhanced security functions they will be offering.” All continues by saying, “What’s so ingenious about nCrypted Cloud is that, as cloud storage providers like Dropbox make enhancements, nCrypted Cloud continues to function as a layer on top of the services, encrypting at the endpoint (it encrypts at rest and in flight), and allowing enhanced control for enterprises, with the ability to audit files and implement data access controls.”

nCrypted cloud has two solutions for personal and business files. Each designation helps determine which type of encryption to use on the files. What’s most impressive about nCrypted Cloud is the way that is manages encryption keys. Administrators are provided with a simple, easy to use interface that manages all of the keys for all of the different types of encryption that you have deployed.

The nCrypted Cloud solution is seeing rapid adoption in organizations based in the United States. nCryped Cloud has been available in the US since 2013 and today marks the launch of the service inside Europe and the UK. Founder Dennis Allan remarked on the European expansion by saying, “I am excited to bring nCrypted Cloud to Europe, starting with the UK market. We already have a fantastic team on the ground here and are in discussion with companies in various sectors that are already very interested in what we have to offer.”