Nuance PowerShare Securely Hosts Medical Images using Cloud

Nuance PowerShare is a cloud-based imaging platform for physicians and hospitals. This platform allows medical organizations to securely send and share medical images. This vastly improves the speed of service delivered to the patient as the wait time is reduced. Nuance PowerShare prides itself in offering a solution that does not require any onsite setup or complicated VPNs. PowerShare works alongside the PowerScribe 360 reporting and communication platform.

Christy Murfitt is the Director of Diagnostic Solutions at Nuance. She mentions in an interview with eWeek, “When delivering patient care, it’s crucial to have the most updated patient information at your fingertips.” Murfitt continues, “Putting this information onto CDs is not the answer, but it’s still the common practice. Too often, image files are corrupt, or CDs are lost or forgotten. To reduce the escalating costs of health care and improve patient care, providers are choosing cloud-based image sharing. It gives them easy access to the information they need so they can focus on the patient without contributing to delays in care.”

PowerShare is currently being used by over 2,000 medical organizations. Nuance PowerShare’s rapid adoption rate is changing the way patients receive care. Expert’s mention that this cloud medical image sharing platform allows doctors to work more fluidly thus allowing them to make clinical decisions before the patient even arrives into the doctor’s office.

Murfitt comments, “We’re still in the early stages of cloud-based medical image sharing. In the past few years, providers have begun to use the technology and it’s started to gain widespread adoption and physician and IT support. There’s a lot of promise on the horizon.” Murfitt goes on to say, “By use of the cloud for medical image sharing, we’re opening up tons of quality, structured data for analytics, benchmarking and reporting of key quality metrics.”