OneDrive File Corruption Bug Causing Concern

Microsoft OneDrive is suffering from an unusual problem that is leaving its end users with corrupted files that are being hosted in the OneDrive cloud. A Microsoft support thread details the issues some users are facing.

The top thread being posted by user DanO’Leary goes on to describe the problem by saying, “I’m having huge issues with onedrive corrupting my Excel files.  If I choose the path of PC to onedrive and back, my files are ok. If I try to open said files with my surface rt or netbook, the files will not open. I get an error message that the files need to be fixed.  I can open online with the surface or netbook. I can even open the same files when using a USB memory stick. It’s when onedrive gets in the mix that the file acts corrupted.”

The thread currently has over 29 replies and the issue seems to be happening randomly. Many analysts mention that if you are having this problem, you should try to login to OneDrive and download the file then re-upload another copy to the cloud that will replace the corrupted version. This isn’t a permanent fix; just a temporary workaround.

Other users in the thread mention they have tried reset their devices and installed Windows Updates but this did not seem to rectify the issue. Another forum user mentions, “They remain fine in the web app, but once they have synced, they become broken on my local computer.”

While cloud storage is an affordable option to store your data, analyst Mike Small mentions that sometimes it’s better to have complete control over your data. Small mentions, “Cloud services are very convenient when they work but when they don’t work you may have very little control over the process to fix the problem.  You are completely in the hands of the CSP (cloud service provider).”